Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 Coolest Graffiti Cities in the World

Is not always right if graffiti is being disturbing our eyes, in these 5 cities for example, graffiti is precisely being a tourist attraction because of its high art value. From Bristol to Penang, here are the list of imagine graffiti cities. Imagine if you are driving around the town in the world of coolest graffiti and take many pictures from various graffiti that was etched on the walls of different colors.

In these 5 cities, graffiti is the main attraction for tourists because of its artistic and eccentric even in the streets. Here are the following 5 coolest graffiti cities in the world which will I describe below specifically for my loyal reader who still continue to following today. Below is the article about the five cities with the world's coolest graffiti.

1. Paris, France
Are you've visited to Paris and have browsed all the travel destinations? Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum until to the Arc de Triomphe? Stroll the residential streets in the Paris City, you'll not only find caf├ęs and shops which are beautiful, but also graffiti colorful unique. Not only the traveler will find beautiful cafes and shops, but you can also find the unique colorful graffiti.

2. Moscow, Russia
Visiting to the Russian capital, Moscow, do not only visit the Kremlin Fortress or St. Basil Cathedral. Walk on the roads of this city, you will find an unusual landscape. This coolest graffiti city in the world is unsparing in size, almost fills the entire wall. Not only that, the graffiti here also colorful so it seemed eccentric in the Russian cold weather.

3. Oslo, Norway
Oslo became mandatory destination of the lovers of art, including graffiti. While visiting the Norwegian capital, strolls all the city streets and discover unique graffiti along the streets. In addition, of course, adventure tourism became the primary choice. Tracking in the snowy hills, see the glacier closely is something that you cannot get in the tropical countries such as Indonesia.

4. Los Angeles, USA
Hollywood Boulevard may be the major tourist destinations in Los Angeles, USA. But if you are tired of seeing thousands of stars in the sidewalk panels, Put out into Venice Boardwalk. Venice Boardwalk appeal is not located on the sidewalk, but the walls of the building. Almost all of them filled with cool and eccentric graffiti!

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a beautiful city located in the hilly landscape contoured. If you’re tired walking around the streets of that town, slip into yellow tram that would take a traveler to the Tagus River. At this place, you can see a lot of cool graffiti that was etched on the walls of the building, from small into large. All of them are being interesting photo object.

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